2018  Board of Directors Election

Candidate Statements



Marcy Foster

I found out about Reston Runners through Anna like most people! At that point I don’t think I knew how long a marathon was, but I soon found myself in the thick of training for my first MCM. I love being a part of the RR community and will continue to emphasize the wonderful social activities we sponsor, while reaching out to the Reston area residents to encourage fitness and fun. 

Vice President


Mike McCord

Hi, I'm Mike McCord, currently a member at large on the board and seeking the position of Vice President.  I've been running with our club for 7 years and have been a resident of Reston for 5 years.  I think Reston Runners exemplifies the best of Reston.  My priorities would be to maintain our quality running and walking programs as we continue working to bring in younger runners to our club.



 MaryS copy.jpg

Mary Shedlock

I've been a member of Reston Runners for 15 + years who enjoys running for the fun of it.  I'm a coach for the Womens Training Program (WTP) for the past 15 years and a  co-coordinator of the WTP for the last three years.  Additionally, I’m the treasurer of the Reston Runners Community Funds since the inception of the fund.  Reston Runners keeps Reston moving and I’m glad to be part of the organization.



John Koss

As a Reston Runners member since 1987, participating in Club activities is part of my lifestyle, and an aspect of our community that I value highly.  I believe that the Club should aim to preserve the enjoyment of our finest events and the fellowship among members, while adopting changes to keep the Club in step with our evolving technology and social environment.  I welcome the opportunity to serve the Club for another year as Secretary.


Director of Walking Programs

Kevin small.jpg 

Kevin Hart

OK, walkers, let’s have fun this year!  (I'm not much on big statements)

Member at Large

 Jack small.jpg

Jack Tozier

As a member of Reston Runners since 1990, I want to continue to give back to a community that has provided me with great cameraderie and fitness. I have been an active volunteer, and since 2015 have been responsible for the Website and related online support including registrations and the eNews. In joining the Board, I  would look to help the Club continue to be fun and relevant for all our members.


Joan Koss

My name is Joan Koss and I have been a club member for 25 years. I have been active in many ways from the picnic committee, Youth in Motion, Pre-Race Dinner for the Runners Marathon of Reston and years ago, the Database Administrator for the Women’s Training Program.  I would welcome the opportunity to join the board and strategize ways to extend our camaraderie within the group and strategize marketing to the under 40 crowd.

Mike Gibbs


Shandila Collins

Under 40 Member at Large

Pablo Raffo



South Lakes High School 5 Mile Run

West end of West Parking Lot of South Lakes High School

5 Mile Run

View: Start Location / Street Map 


  1. Down hill to “T” then left through tunnel under South Lakes Drive
  2. After emerging from tunnel, bear right for about 1/4 mile
    1. Left on path after short steep hill
    2. Left immediately when path reaches Soapstone Rd
  1. Right on path under Soapstone Drive for about 50 yards to “T”
  2. Left at "T" for about 1/4 mile to Glade Pool parking lot
  3. Cross parking lot diagonally to opposite corner and cross Glade Drive
  4. Follow path down hill into woods
  5. Bear right at bottom of hill then right at next two path intersections for 1 mile.
  6. Shortly after crossing stream on wooden bridge, turn right crossing back over stream on wooden bridge, onto path uphill along Steeplechase Drive for less than ½ mile
  7. Right on Colts Neck Road sidewalk for 0.2 miles
  8. Right beyond elementary school parking entrance onto path into woods for 50 ft.
  9. Sharp right at bottom of short steep hill
  10. Continue on path through tunnel under Glade Drive.
  11. Left 50 ft. after tunnel uphill and through parking lot toward Hunters Woods Village Center
  12. Right on path at end of parking lot (before Lutheran Church)
  13. Sharp right at "T" intersection at bottom of hill for 25 yards.
  14. Left at “Y”
    1. Do not turn right on immediate right turn crossing  stream
    2. Straight at path crossing continuing uphill to Colts Neck Road
    3. Straight on sidewalk 30 ft. to traffic light
  1. Cross South Lakes Drive
  2. Turn right on path on far side of South Lakes Drive for 0.2 miles.
  3. Bear left on path into golf course (not right downhill toward tunnel)
    1. At first cross path, keep straight
    2. When path merges from left, keep straight
  1. Left on path crossing fairway up to townhouses
    1. Cross Golf Course Drive
    2. Cross Golf Course Drive 2nd time following path around Newbridge Pool Parking area
    3. Cross Newbridge Ct, re-emerging onto golf course
    4. Straight at first cross path on golf course
  1. Right at "T" for about 1/8 mile
  2. Right at next intersection (not straight into townhouse parking lot) for about 50 yards.
  3. Right on Soapstone Drive along sidewalk for 2 blocks.
  4. Right on asphalt path into woods between Soapstone and Golf Course
    1. Keep right at “Y” where left path crosses Soapstone
  1. Left through tunnel under Soapstone Drive
  2. Right on path after tunnel for about 1/4 mile
    1. Bear left at “Y” to avoid going into townhouse parking lot
  1. Right at world famous “raised manhole cover” for about 100 yards
  2. Left before tunnel to return to Start

(click on the map below to enlarge it)

South Lakes High School 5 Mile Run - Street small.jpg 


My name is Kalene DeHaut. I’m a social worker at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. NIMH works closely with community groups, schools, churches, and others in various capacities around mental health education and research. We are currently working with the local community to get the word out about a research study for adults in good health. Are you willing to share information about the study with your running group? There is a summary below and a flyer attached.

Many thanks for your consideration!

Best regards,


Kalene DeHaut, LCSW

Office of the Clinical Director

National Institute of Mental Health IRP, NIH

10 Center Drive, Rm 4N254 

MSC 1274 Bethesda

MD 20892-1274 

Phone: 301-594-3188

NIMH Healthy Research Volunteer Study

People in good health are invited to participate as a research study volunteer. Study participants play a vital role in biomedical research by helping scientists advance knowledge and better understand, treat, and ultimately, improve health.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is conducting this study to create a list of healthy research volunteers who are interested in participating in additional NIMH studies. Data from healthy research volunteers compared to data from those with mental health conditions can help us understand why some people are affected while others are not.

We invite adults in good health, over age 18, to join the online part of the study by:

  • Registering and consenting to be in the study
  • Completing questions about your medical and mental health

Volunteers for the study will first register and consent to participate, https://nimhresearchvolunteer.ctss.nih.gov/ then complete online questionnaires which will take about 20 minutes. They can save and come back to the questionnaires, if needed.

After completing questionnaires, those who are eligible for an in-person appointment may be invited to the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. This part of the study may include:

  • Psychological and cognitive assessments
  • Physical exam, blood and urine tests
  • Learning about additional study opportunities, as well as a brain scan (MRI) for this volunteer study

There is no cost to participate, and compensation is provided for the in-person assessments. To join the study, register and consent here https://nimhresearchvolunteer.ctss.nih.gov/.



Wolftrap National Park for the Performing Arts

Trap Rd between Dulles Toll Road & Rte 7

5 Mile Trail Run (Two 2.5 mile loops)

Map: (see below)


  1. Start in West parking lot, south side. Trailhead access is marked.
  2. Enter the trail, turning left, following the blue arrows and blue tree blazes.
  3. Re-enter the parking lot crossing under Trap Rd thru the pedestrain tunnel.
  4. Follow blue arrows to the right right on the path alongside the road that leads to the lower parking area behind the Pavillion. Leave the trail at this point taking the road down to the lot to avoid a closed detoured trail section.
  5. Re-enter the trail at the lower end of the lot (follow the blue arrows and blazes.  Continue on the trail crossing Wolftrap Creek twice.
  6. Cross Trap Rd and pick up the trail on the other side.
  7. Finish in the West Parking Lot near the Start.

The Run can be extended to Meadowlark Gardens, 1.5 miles away.

  1. Leave the West Lot through the pedestrain tunnel under Trap Rd.
  2. Turn Right using the pedestrian path and bridge over the Toll Rd.
  3. Follow the paved path toward the Wolftrap Barns.
  4. Follow Trap Rd as it bends to the right, then right along Beulah Rd making use of the paved pedestrain paths on the right side to the trails of Meadowlark Gardens.

 Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 1.41.16 PM.png

NYC Marathon small.png


Reston Runner Finish Times (If yours is not listed or have a correction, please send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Karen Hottle 3:50
Mary Klaff 3:53
Sebastian Esteve 4:17
Pablo Raffo 4:39
Sarah Humphrey 4:44
Holly Armstrong 4:44
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