Mary Ellen Wolf


Mary Ellen (center) at the starting line of the Boston Half Marathon in 2013


Name: Mary Ellen Wolf, 55; Herndon after a decade of living in Reston.

I am a… Runner.

I’ve been a
Reston Runner
since … 1998 or 1999. I was the mother of two young children and commuted to work in D.C., so I turned to running for stress management and the
social aspect of group exercise. I ran track in high school but was a sprinter, so long-distance running was a huge challenge for me.

(personal record): At age 40, I completed the Marine Corps Marathon in 4 hours, 2 minutes.
It was a gift I gave to myself, to be able to complete it. I was never bit by the marathon bug after
that but went on to discover local races and ran the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run several times.

When I’m not
pounding the
pavement… My hobbies include travel, music and refinishing furniture, and I am trying to learn furniture upholstery.
I love reinventing old furniture.

Here’s my
little secret: I don’t run enough to get hurt!
This is a little joke I have with one of my Reston Runners friends (who shall be unnamed)
who has had several injuries.

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