U.S. Geological Survey

USGS Parking Lot D, South Lakes Drive between Pinecrest and Sunrise Valley

10 Mile Run

Measured: 9.85 miles

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  1. From parking lot "D" turn left onto South Lakes Drive.
  2. Right at top of hill onto Sanibel Drive.
  3. At the cul de sac end of Sanibel, turn left onto trail.
  4. Left at "T" trail intersection
  5. Continue on trial passing through tunnels under Reston Parkway then Colts Neck Road.
  6. Turn left several yards after the Colts Neck tunnel; keep left at the next two forks.  Just after the 2nd folk, turn right to cross the stream bed on a wooden bridge.
  7. Continue on trial, keeping stream bed to your right.  (There are 2 places where you could cross the streambed by taking a right.  Do not cross the stream at either of these turns.  In both cases, the main trail veers right shortly after the right turn.)  When a path comes in from the left, keep straight to cross the stream on a wooden bridge.
  8. Left at "T" intersection shortly after bridge.
  9. Continue on trial, bearing right until you enter the Glade Pool parking lot.  Cross the parking lot to Glade Drive.
  10. Cross Glade Drive and pick up the trail into the woods.
  11. Right at first trail intersection.  (Do not cross the stream.)  Keep right at the next fork, again not crossing the stream.
  12. Continue on the trail until you cross Steeplechase Drive (via the stairs or the large under-road culverts--your choice).
  13. Turn right at the next trail intersection.
  14. Bear left at the next fork in the trail.
  15. Cross Colts Neck Road and bear right on the trail (not into the tennis courts) to come out to the Hunter Woods Pool parking lot. Water stop may be located here].
  16. Continue through parking lot, cross Reston Parkway (carefully), and turn left along the Reston Parkway path.
  17. Cross Fox Mill Road (at traffic light) and turn right onto the path on the far side of Fox Mill Rd.
  18. Take first left onto John Milton Drive.
  19. Take left onto Quincy Adams Drive.  Follow Quincy Adams Drive to “T” at end.
  20. Right at “T” onto Viking Drive about 1 mile.
  21. Left on Pinecrest Road.
  22. Right on path paralleling the Fairfax County Parkway. [Water stop may be located here].
  23. Right on Sunrise Valley Drive.
  24. Right on Glade Drive, up the Glade hill to Pinecrest Rd.
  25. Left on Pinecrest Road to “T” at end.
  26. Left on South Lakes Drive.
  27. Right into USGS parking lot "D" to finish

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