C&O Canal

Carderock Recreation Area

10 Mile Run

 Measured: 10 miles

View: Start Location  


Directions to the Start:

From Virginia, take 495 across the American Legion Bridge and take the Carderock Exit.  Bear to the left and get on Clara Barton Parkway. Follow the signs to Carderock Park. You'll be directed to an off-ramp near the Naval Surface Warfare Test Center, then will turn left taking the overpass over Clara Barton Parkway and into the park area. 

There are three parking areas in Carderock Park. Use any of them. Our start/finish water-stop and meeting area is in the picnic area.

Mile markers along the tow path will guide you in setting your run distance to whatever you wish.


You are encouraged to add extra miles when the schedule calls for longer (than 10 miles) optional runs.

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