Hunters Woods Elementary School 3 Mile Walk

Hunters Woods Elementary School

Colts Neck Road at Steeplechase Drive

3 Mile Walk

Measured: 3.0 miles

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  • From school, head left along Colts Neck Road to cross Steeplechase Drive.
  • Continue on asphalt path and cross Jackstay Terrace.
  • Right on path to cross Colts Neck towards tennis courts.
  • Veer sharp right to stay on asphalt path.
  • Just after raised manhole cover, take a left on asphalt path. (Watch for nesting hawks.) Cross bridge.
  • Cross bridge #71, #70 and Colts Neck Drive. Continue on asphalt path.
  • Cross bridge #68.
  • Cross over bridge #66.
  • Turn right on asphalt path, go straight up wooden steps to cross road.
  • Then head left over stream, across long, narrow footbridge with rails (bridge #112).
  • Right on Triple Crown (no sidewalk or path). Just before first house, hang a sharp right, to nature trail (next to standing map of area).
  • Continue on nature trail to asphalt path. Left onto asphalt path.
  • Some time later (keep your eyes peeled), head left uphill on nature trail (next to 4-foot tall green cable cylinder in the trees on the left).
  • Left at low green cable box towards houses at top of hill.
  • Go through cull de sac toward street.
  • Left on asphalt path parallel to Triple Crown Road. Last block will be on the street (no sidewalk or path).
  • Right on path which abuts Steeplechase. (Yell "Hi" to any runners you see -- they need encouragement.).
  • Cross Colts Neck (walking past the school) and continue on Steeplechase; path ends so you will have to walk in the street.
  • Right on Paddock Lane. Stay on Paddock as it bends to the right and brings you back to the school.




Hunters Woods Elementary School 3 Mile Walk Map

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