Lake Thoreau Pool

Connie Slack's Favorite Run

Corner of Sunrise Valley Drive and Upper Lake Drive

5 Mile Run

Measured: 5 Mile

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  1. Start south from pool on Upper Lake Drive (away from Sunrise Valley Drive), continuing for about 1/4 mile.
  2. Left on first path just before Great Meadow Drive for about 200 yards.
  3. Cross street (Purple Beech Drive--no street sign) at top of hill and continue downhill on path on the other side of the street for about 50 yards.
  4. Left on path at bottom of hill at "T" intersection toward Lake Thoreau for about 75 yards.
  5. Bear Right on path uphill and through underpass (under Ridge Heights Road) for about 100 yards.
  6. Continue on path past Terraset Elementary School for about 200 feet.
  7. Bear Left at path junction after Terraset for about 150 yards downhill.
  8. Bear Right on path downhill into the woods after path starts uphill toward the South Lakes High School track, continuing for about 150 feet.
  9. Bear Left on path at "Y" path intersection and go through underpass under South Lakes Drive after about 100 yards.
  10. Bear Right at path junction just after the underpass for about 100 yards.
  11. Left on path after short, steep uphill (at small convenience center with a 7/11 store) for about 150 feet.
  12. Right at next path connection to underpass under Soapstone Drive and continue for about 200 feet.
  13. Left at "T" path connection, continuing uphill for about 200 yards to Glade Pool [alternative start].
  14. Bear Right across Glade Drive to continue along the Boar's Head trail downhill for almost 1/4 mile, continuing straight at pathway connection and cross stream on wooden bridge.
  15. Left at "T" path connection about 100 feet after crossing wooden bridge, continuing for about 100 yards.
  16. Cross Soapstone Drive and continue on trail through the Walker Nature Center for about one mile [Water stop at trail entrance to Nature Center off of Soapstone Drive (very hot days only)].
  17. Left on second path on your left, continuing for about 1/2 mile. Bear Left going up steep hill on path for short distance to intersection of Glade Drive and Twin Branches Road.
  18. Cross Glade Drive and continue on path along Twin Branches Road for about 1/2 mile past Lake Audubon Pool[alternative start] up long hill and then downhill toward signal at South Lakes Drive.
  19. Right on path along South Lakes Drive for about 50 yards.
  20. Left at "T" path intersection to underpass under South Lakes Drive.
  21. Left in South Lakes Village Center parking lot and circle the parking lot in front of stores on the left side of the parking lot.
  22. Left on ramp down into small plaza along shore of Lake Thoreau.
  23. Bear Right on path through Lakeport Cluster.
  24. Bear Left in middle of Lakeport Cluster and continue on path along shore of lake for short distance.
  25. Bear Right on short path uphill to Sunrise Valley Drive.
  26. Left on path along Sunrise Valley Drive, continuing on short downhill to end at Start in parking lot for Lake Thoreau Pool.

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