Lake Fairfax Park

South End of Lake Fairfax Drive off Baron Cameron Avenue

10 Mile Trail Run

Distance: 10 miles

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  1. Head down the hill away from the park entrance toward picnic areas.
  2. Left at bottom of hill at rest rooms along gravel road.
  3. Pick up the trail heading into the woods (leftish) and across Hunter Mill Road. Note the trail is marked with white posts with horse shoes.
  4. The trail (dirt, in the trees) will continue with no real options to get off until Route 7 (water stop).
  5. At next street crossing (Carpers Farm Way), cross street to continue on dirt path. (Note you’ll encounter one short stretch where it is nearly impossible to avoid getting mud on your shoes.)
  6. At next street crossing (Browns Mill Rd.), cross street and keep to the left to cross Difficult Run on large rocks.
  7. On far side of stream crossing, follow paved path (bearing right at first split) for about ¾ mile.  Keep your eye open for CCT sign.  (It’s a fairly wide opening.)
  8. Right onto CCT, passing under the Dulles Access/Toll Rd.
  9. After about ½ mile, you’ll come to a split, keep right onto small bridge crossing stream
  10. After another ¼, you’ll come to another split, keep right crossing stream on pylons
  11. After about ½ mile, be watching for CCT signs directing you to take a left.
  12. After a couple of miles, you’ll come to a short clearing and a T.  Turn left.
  13. After about ¼ mile, trail comes out onto W&OD, turn right
  14. Stay on trail section of W&OD, until reach Michael Faraday Ct (just past skating rink).
  15. Turn right on Michael Faraday Ct.  At end, follow narrow dirt path into woods
  16. Path comes out quickly to a parking area, cross parking area onto dirt path.
  17. When you come to a stream crossing, with a fork on far site, turn right up hill
  18. You’ll come to a trail crossing, with a sign, keep straight
  19. Follow path to Lake Fairfax Park (where you were on step 3)
  20. Turn left for a stretch then right up the hill to parking area


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