Thanksgiving Day

Lake Fairfax Park

2 Mile Walk

Measured: 2.01 miles

View: Start Location  


  1. Begin on the path at the entrance to the Water Mine and proceed directly up to the Park main entrance road.
  2. Turn left and walk out of the park using the paved path along the side of Lake Fairfax Drive.
  3. Turn left on Blaze Drive and left again onto Dasher Lane.
  4. Turn left onto Hunt Club Road, cross Lake Fairfax Drive, and proceed along sidewalk on the right side of Hunt Club Road.
  5. In about 200 yards turn right onto the Reston Association path and follow it up to Ring Road.
  6. Turn left onto Ring Road and proceed in street to Hunt Club Road.
  7. Follow sidewalk along Hunt Club back to Lake Fairfax Drive.
  8. Cross Lake Fairfax Drive and follow paved path back into the Park.
  9. Follow main road to road leading to Water Mine and turn right to return to starting point.

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