Reston Runners Board of Directors Election

Reston Runners is holding its annual election to determine who will serve as the Reston Runners Board of Directors for 2018. Each year all Board of Director positions are open for election. The positions include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Walking Program, Members-At-Large and Under-40 Member-At-Large. All members paid up through 2017 or later are eligible to vote.  

The ballot is being prepared with the names of candidates who have accepted nominations.  Eligible members will receive an online voting ballot by email.  A paper ballot will be provided as an alternate means of voting, on request. Elections will be open until February 17, 2018, so please be sure to complete the online ballot or paper ballot by that date.

Candidate winners will be announced at the Reston Runners Annual Meeting on February 24, 2018.

NIMH Research Study

A researcher at the National Institue of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda has written to us seeking healthy adults for a study. For information, click HERE.

Another Great Season of Reston Runner Training Programs - October 2017

Thanks to all program leads, volunteers, and participants!



Reston Runners 2017 Airport Run - September 24, 2017


A Tradition continues


Reston Runners Youth in Motion (YIM)  2017 

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Click on the picture to see a photo set by Luz Blakney

Reston Runners  "Seize the Day" Women's 5K - June 17, 2017 

Congratulations to all participants and thank you volunteers!

 Reston Runners Seize the Day Women's 5K v-7.jpeg
(Photo courtesy of Ed Shanahan -

Memorial Day Tradition - Sky Meadows Hike & Wine Picnic 



Annual Meeting & Dinner - March 7, 2017


Some members of the 2017 Reston Runners Board of Directors . Please click on the picture to see full photo set by Brian Kent. 



Devil Dog 100 KM Race Report by Emmett Delaney

Read Emmett's great report about competing and persevering under the toughest conditions



hanks to Keith Whited for his generous donation to the Reston Runners Community Fund - 2016





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