South Lakes High School 5 Mile Run

West end of West Parking Lot of South Lakes High School

5 Mile Run

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  1. Down hill to “T” then left through tunnel under South Lakes Drive
  2. After emerging from tunnel, bear right for about 1/4 mile
    1. Left on path after short steep hill
    2. Left immediately when path reaches Soapstone Rd
  1. Right on path under Soapstone Drive for about 50 yards to “T”
  2. Left at "T" for about 1/4 mile to Glade Pool parking lot
  3. Cross parking lot diagonally to opposite corner and cross Glade Drive
  4. Follow path down hill into woods
  5. Bear right at bottom of hill then right at next two path intersections for 1 mile.
  6. Shortly after crossing stream on wooden bridge, turn right crossing back over stream on wooden bridge, onto path uphill along Steeplechase Drive for less than ½ mile
  7. Right on Colts Neck Road sidewalk for 0.2 miles
  8. Right beyond elementary school parking entrance onto path into woods for 50 ft.
  9. Sharp right at bottom of short steep hill
  10. Continue on path through tunnel under Glade Drive.
  11. Left 50 ft. after tunnel uphill and through parking lot toward Hunters Woods Village Center
  12. Right on path at end of parking lot (before Lutheran Church)
  13. Sharp right at "T" intersection at bottom of hill for 25 yards.
  14. Left at “Y”
    1. Do not turn right on immediate right turn crossing  stream
    2. Straight at path crossing continuing uphill to Colts Neck Road
    3. Straight on sidewalk 30 ft. to traffic light
  1. Cross South Lakes Drive
  2. Turn right on path on far side of South Lakes Drive for 0.2 miles.
  3. Bear left on path into golf course (not right downhill toward tunnel)
    1. At first cross path, keep straight
    2. When path merges from left, keep straight
  1. Left on path crossing fairway up to townhouses
    1. Cross Golf Course Drive
    2. Cross Golf Course Drive 2nd time following path around Newbridge Pool Parking area
    3. Cross Newbridge Ct, re-emerging onto golf course
    4. Straight at first cross path on golf course
  1. Right at "T" for about 1/8 mile
  2. Right at next intersection (not straight into townhouse parking lot) for about 50 yards.
  3. Right on Soapstone Drive along sidewalk for 2 blocks.
  4. Right on asphalt path into woods between Soapstone and Golf Course
    1. Keep right at “Y” where left path crosses Soapstone
  1. Left through tunnel under Soapstone Drive
  2. Right on path after tunnel for about 1/4 mile
    1. Bear left at “Y” to avoid going into townhouse parking lot
  1. Right at world famous “raised manhole cover” for about 100 yards
  2. Left before tunnel to return to Start

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South Lakes High School 5 Mile Run - Street small.jpg 

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