Reston Runners Youth in Motion

5-6yr Group Training Plan

Week Three:  6/23/09



6:30 - 6:40:
6:40 - 6:45:             Organize children into one of the 4 Training Stations. 

6:45 - 7:25:              Each group will spend approximately 10 minutes in each of the 4 stations. 

  • Coaches will either designate a specific time for water breaks or simply             allow children to take water breaks when needed.
  • I will blow the whistle for station change.

7:25 – 7:30:             Finish activity:

  • Coaches may either do light stretching or conclude by explaining what running skills they learned in each station (see Training Stations Description below)

7:30:                        Bring children to registration table area for treat!


Equipment Needed:

Station 1:  Hurdles & Noodles

8 noodles
4 hurdles

Station 2:  Limbos & Ladders

1-2 Jump ropes

1-2 Agility ladders

Station 3:  Sponge Relay

4 buckets of water
4 sponges

Station 4:  Bulldozers & Builders

As many safety cones we can gather




Training Stations:
1)  Hurdles & Noodles

Divide into two teams that may race each other.  Children will “hurdle”  over 2 hurdles and then “hurdle” over 4 noodles.

2)  Limbos & Ladders

Divide into two teams that may race each other.  Children will sidestep across agility ladder and then “limbo” under the jump rope.

3)  Baton Relay

Divide into two groups facing across each other – about 15 yards apart.  First person of each group on one side gets a baton and after a “Ready, Set, Go”, runs across to hand the baton to the opposite team mate.  When handed the baton, each team mate runs across to do the same until each person has a turn.

4)  Bulldozers & Builders

Divide into two groups facing across each other – about 15 yards apart with all the safety cones set up randomly in the middle.  One group will be the “Bulldozers” and the other group will be the “Builders”.  After a “Ready, Set, Go”, the “Bulldozers” will run around knocking down the cones while the “Builders” run around picking the cones & setting them back up.  This game will go for a few minutes until the coach signals a stop.  The greater number of cones standing/knocked down determines which team won the game.  Then coaches may switch the groups so that everyone gets a chance to be both “Builder” and “Bulldozer”.


Running Skills Learned Today:

  1. Following directions which is important for when they need to pay attention to the start of a race and to follow the right directions on a running course and to make sure they get all the good exercise they can while participating in this program!

2.  Plyometrics:  a fancy word which basically means that all the: jumping jacks, agility ladders and little bursts of sprinting they did were great little exercises to help them run faster.

3.   They did some “real” track events such as hurdles & baton relay.

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