Course   : Lake Fairfax Park  
Location: South End of Lake Fairfax Drive off Baron Cameron Avenue Distance: 3.0 Miles
Maps      : Street   


  1. Facing the Water Mine and Lake, turn left and walk to the end of the paved road.
  2. At stop sign turn left and proceed to the three-way split in the road.
  3. Turn left onto gravel road, passing toilets and picnic shelter on right.
  4. Walk to the end of the gravel road, entering wooded area..
  5. Turn right going uphill on gravel road.  Follow this until it ends.
  6. Bear right and cross the end of the cricket field, following rutted bike path.
  7. Going downhill into woods, bear right as trail splits.
  8. Follow this trail downhill, crossing stream, and proceed uphill.
  9. Stay on trail along the end of the athletic fields, and follow trail downhill.
  10. Stay on trail until it splits.  Bear right—do not cross stream.
  11. Follow trail to end, crossing bridge with metal rails.
  12. Cross service road and cut through campsite, accessing another service road.
  13. Turn left and follow road, bearing right at junction.
  14. Follow this road past camp store on right and camp sites on left
  15. Stay straight past barricade and follow road toward lake.
  16. Stay on path along lake, crossing dam, and bear right toward starting point.


This course is essentially the same as the cross-country course used (with some year-to-year variations) for the Thanksgiving Day run.

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