Course   : South Lakes Village Center  
Location: South Lakes Drive at Twin Branches Road Distance: 10.0 Miles
Maps      : Street   


  1. Exit through tunnel and take the next left, down the hill to Sunrise Valley Dr at Barton Hill Rd.
  2. Cross Barton Hill Rd and take the path along (the south side of) Sunrise Valley Dr - along the tennis courts - east towards the W&OD trail.
  3. Turn right (south) onto the W&OD trail and immediately bear left on the W&OD equestrian trail.
  4. Bear left on the paved branch to come out onto Winter Corn Lane.
  5. Right at the end of Winter Corn Lane onto Oldfield Dr..
  6. Right on Post Oak Trail. Keep to right side of the street and take the easy-to-miss path on the right to the W&OD trail.
  7. Right on W&OD then left at the first path intersection leading west and up a hill.
  8. When path comes out onto Cross School Rd, cross the street and go down Midsummer Dr for about 20 yards before turning right onto the path.
  9. Proceed on the path down, then up, to Barton Hill Rd.
  10. Turn right then immediately cross the road and make a sharp left at the first path up a steep hill,
  11. Proceed up the path the end and turn left on Twin Branches Rd.
  12. Follow Twin Branches about ½ mile to Glade Rd.  The path on the left side of Twin Branches ends so you have to cross Twin Branches to get on the right side to turn right onto Glade Dr.
  13. Follow the path along the right (west) side of Glade Dr.  Stay on the path, not the road, or you will miss the next turn.
  14. After the soccer field, turn right on the path downhill.  The path crosses Spyglass Cove Rd, then turns left and left again, back uphill to Glade Drive.  (Don’t turn right to cross the bridge.)
  15. Turn right at the top of the hill at Glade Drive.
  16. Turn right on Old Trail Rd, which loops around and comes back to Glade Drive.
  17. Turn right on Glade Drive, keeping on the path on the right side, until Triple Crown Rd. on the left, turn right on the path down hill.
  18. Keep left at the bottom of the hill then right at a couple of forks until you cross the streambed on a wooden bridge.
  19. Left at "T" just after bridge onto Glade trail.
  20. Follow main path (keeping left at one split) until you cross the stream again on another wooden bridge
  21. Turn right at the "T" after bridge. 
  22. Trail turns right then left then comes to a 5-way trail intersection.  Bear right about 2 o'clock. 
  23. Keep left until path goes under South Lakes Drive. 
  24. Turn right at far side of tunnel, keeping on path with golf course on your left.  
  25. Path turns left and crosses Cross Eagle Court going behind housing.
  26. After passing pond on your left, continue up the hill to follow path to left directly in front of one group of townhouses. Continue on path to point where it turns left to cross the street to continue down the hill.".
  27.  After ~ 100 yards, turn left back onto trail and follow to tunnel under Soapstone
  28. Left after the tunnel.  Right at T at the top of the hill keeping Terraset school on your left.
  29. Right through tunnel under Ridge Heights
  30. Straight through the meadow, bearing left at one junction up to come out onto Purple Beech Dr. diagonally across from Durand.  Follow Durand end and turn right on Soapstone
  31. Right along Sunrise Valley, through lot to trail past day care center, follow into cul de sac at Weybridge Lane.
  32. Right onto Great Meadow, right onto Upper Lakes to right into Pool parking lot
  33. Follow trail out the back of the lot, right on Lakeport Way, take path between townhouse groups at 11:00 o'clock. Follow path to finish.


Repeat the course in the same or counter direction and you will get a 20 mile course

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