Course   : Lake Anne Village Center  
Location: North Shore Drive at Village Road Distance: 10.0 miles
Maps      : Street    


  1. Leave via the west entrance to the Lake Anne Village Center (LAVC) parking lot, turning left on North Shore Drive
  2. Proceed for about 1 mile along North Shore to right on the second Wainwright Drive intersection (Wainwright Drive is a loop road, so ignore the first intersection unless you like climbing hills)
  3. Left on the Reston trail about 50 yds. beyond the entrance to the apartment complex on the left
  4. Follow this trail to where it parallels Reston Parkway, crossing Bowman Green Drive, and turning right through the tunnel to the Spectrum Center (by the Barnes & Noble store).
  5. Follow the path along Reston Parkway, crossing the Dulles Toll Road, to Sunrise Valley Drive [Water stop may be located here].
  6. Left on Sunrise Valley Drive for about 2 miles to its intersection with the W&OD Trail
  7. Left on the W&OD Trail to Wiehle Ave [Water stop may be located here].
  8. Right on Wiehle to the first North Shore Drive intersection.
  9. Left on North Shore back to the LAVC parking lot (entering via the second entrance if you wish to record an honest 8.5 miles).
  10. To extend the run to 10 miles, proceed in the SE direction through the parking lot and turn left to the Lake Anne plaza.
  11. Turn left towards the fountain and continue straight to the stairs leading out of the plaza and follow the RA path through the underpass, then bearing right at the next fork.
  12. Pass through the covered bridge and turn right, proceeding down the hill towards the lake.
  13. At the "T" near the lake, turn left and climb to the street and proceed east towards the RA path along the east side of the lake and turn right on the path across the Lake Anne dam (alongside Wiehle Ave).
  14. Take the right fork on the RA path leading to South Shore Road and proceed to the far end of the road.
  15. Continue on the path along the south shore of the lake, turning right at the first intersection and bearing right at the next intersection (playground to your left, community wharf to the right).
  16. Proceed up the hill in Waterview Cluster, turning right about half-way to the top, descending the steep sidewalk to the lake ("Japanese" bridge in front of you)
  17. Turn left and, after passing the pool, bear left up the short, steep hill to North Shore Dr.
  18. Turn right on North Shore Dr and proceed to the LAVC parking lot (via the 2nd entrance)


Extending the LAVC 8.5 Mile run by adding a loop around Lake Anne

This 10 mile course was designed to utilize the same water stops as our 8.5 and 17 mile courses that originate at LAVC

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