Course   : North Point Village Center  
Location: Reston Parkway at Lake Newport Road Distance: 3.0 Miles
Maps :      Street    (Note: Google Map will also show satellite view)


  1. From the parking lot, turn right onto the sidewalk along Reston Parkway.
  2. Cross Lake Newport Road. Be careful; there is no walk button to push.
  3. Cross Bennington Woods Road. Again there is no walk button.
  4. Pass two small paths on the right. Soon after a fire hydrant turn right at the next asphalt path. Woods will be on the right and a field on the left.
  5. Stay on the main path until you cross Bennington Woods Road again.
  6. Cross Bennington Woods Road diagonally towards the right to continue on path down the hill and into the woods.
  7. Follow blue arrow to the right at the Y intersection.
  8. Cross Trails Edge Lane
  9. Opposite Old Bayberry Lane turn left on Reston Trail into the woods
  10. Pass a bench on the right and pass a path going to the right. The path you are on will curve to the left. Continue on main path which will cross the cleared gas-line right-of-way.
  11. Watch for the bright red and yellow of a day care center ahead. Soon the path will cross over a drainage pipe and you will see a long flight of wooden stairs on the right. Turn right, but do not take the stairs. Stay on the path.
  12. Pass the day care center on the left. Stay on the main path.
  13. Go up the hill as you come out of the woods. At the fork with the orange and white pole, turn right. [For a shorter walk, turn left and skip to ##.]
  14. Stay on the sidewalk for quite a while.
  15. At house #1485, the sidewalk curves to the right and ends.
  16. Cross the street. Follow the asphalt sidewalk to the right, staying alongside the road.
  17. Cross Woodcrest Drive.
  18. Cross Lake Newport Road at the crosswalk and turn right.
  19. Cross Summerchase Circle.
  20. Follow North Point Drive into the shopping center.

Notes:: Walking course from Glory Days Grill (Click on the map to enlarge)





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