Dogwood Elementary School

Glade Drive midway between Reston Pkwy and Sunrise Valley Dr.

5 Mile Run 

 Measured: 5.1 miles

View: Start Location  


  1. Start on Glade Drive at crosswalk next to the entrance to the school parking lot, going east (uphill) for 2 blocks
  2. Left on Pinecrest for 2 blocks to the end
  3. Right on South Lakes Drive for 2 blocks
  4. Left on sidewalk along Reston Parkway for over 1 mile, crossing Sunrise Valley Drive, the Dulles Toll Road, and Sunset Hills Road [Water stop at Bluemont Way and Reston Parkway (very hot days only)] 
  5. Left on trail along Bluemont Way for 2 blocks past bridge over the W & OD Trail, continuing downhill on the trail for about 2 blocks to the W & OD Trail 
  6. Bear right onto the W & OD Trail at the bottom of the hill, continue on the bridge over Town Center Parkway, and then downhill for about 2 long blocks
  7. Bear right before bridge over Fairfax County Parkway on trail connecting with the trail along Fairfax County Parkway 
  8. Left on trail along Fairfax County Parkway for more than 1 mile, crossing Sunset Hills Road, the Dulles Toll Road, and Sunrise Valley Drive
  9. Left on Fox Mill Road for 1 short block 
  10. Left on Bedfordshire Circle for 1 short block 
  11. Right to remain on Bedfordshire Circle for 1 short block 
  12. Right on Rosedown Drive for 2 blocks 
  13. Left on Kings Lake Drive to the end in 2 blocks 
  14. Left on Rosedown Drive for 2 blocks to the end at the stop sign at Glade Drive, across the street from Start.


This course, originally designed by Jim Nagle, was revised for reasons of improved safety in Feb. 2003 so that the course is run counter-clockwise (as viewed by flying geese), thereby enabling safer crossing of the Dulles Toll Road ramps and the several intersections with Reston Parkway and the Fairfax County Parkway.

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Dogwood Elementary School 5 Mile Run Map

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