Reston Runners Youth in Motion

5-6yr Group Training Plan

Week Two:  6/16/09



6:30 - 6:40:
6:40 - 6:45:             Organize children into one of the 4 Training Stations.

6:45 - 7:25:              Each group will spend approximately 10 minutes in each of the 4 stations. 

  • Coaches will either designate a specific time for water breaks or simply             allow children to take water breaks when needed.
  • I will blow the whistle for station change.

7:25 – 7:30:             Finish activity:

  • Coaches may either do light stretching or conclude by explaining what running skills they learned in each station (see Training Stations Description below)

7:30:                        Bring children to registration table area for treat!


Equipment Needed:

Station 1:  Obstacle Course

6 hula hoops
8 noodles
4 hurdles
2 medium balls

2 yellow tube tunnels

Station 2:  200m Timed Trial Practice

4 stop watches
8 cones

Station 3:  Sponge Relay

4 buckets of water
4 sponges

Station 4:  Follow The Coach

2-4 Cones/Noodles

Training Stations:
1)  Obstacle Course

1)  hop through hula hoops

2)  walk backwards through the noodle path

3)  jump over hurdles

4)  wiggle through yellow tubes

5)  pick up the ball and throw to the coach

6)  return to the end of the line

2)  200m Time Trial practice
This will be a practice run of the 200m Track Time Trial the children will officially do in Week 5 & 9 of the program.  This practice will help them learn how to line up, start, run at a good pace while being timed so that hopefully when the real time trial occurs, they will have had a little experience and confidence.

Coaches may divide up as follows: 

-- Start coach

-- Finish line coach

-- Timer coach

3)  Sponge Relay
Fun running practice.  Coaches may decide to divide up their group into teams to make a relay race if desired.  Children basically run from a start point with sponge, ring out the sponge in the bucket at the turn-around point, run back and pass to next in line.

4)  Follow The Coach
--Coach marks the start and end line so children (esp. those at end of line not near coach)

--Children will do the following exercises following the coach’s example:

            a)  Run

            b)  Skip

            c)  High Knees

            d)  Butt Kicks

            e)  Backwards Run

            f)  Side Skip

            g)  Karaoke


Running Skills Learned Today:

  1. Following directions which is important for when they need to pay attention to the start of a race and to follow the right directions on a running course and to make sure they get all the good exercise they can while participating in this program!

2.  Plyometrics:  a fancy word which basically means that all the: hopping, skipping, jumping, high knees, butt kicks, running backwards, and karoakes they did were great little exercises to help them run faster.

3.  Building strong tummy muscles when they wiggled and threw the ball which helps them run with good form.

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