Course   :  Newbridge Pool  
Location: Distance: 3.0 miles
Maps      : Satellite   / Street   


  1. Start at Newbridge Pool on Golf Course Drive.
  2. Take path between tennis and basketball courts.
  3. Cross street at playground towards golf course.
  4. Veer right at "X" and stay on path w/ golf course on right.
  5. Head up towards a right on sidewalk along Soapstone. Cross Golf Course Sq.
  6. Right on asphalt path going into the woods.
  7. Stay straight towards golf course. Later fork left at "Y".
  8. Follow path around play equipment keeping it on your right.
  9. Cross Glencourse Ln. Stay on MAIN path. Path curves right. Do not take short left that goes to Soapstone crosswalk.
  10. Cross Glencourse Ln again.
  11. Go right on path headed away from Soapstone tunnel.
  12. Stay on Main path; golf course will be on your right.
  13. Path crosses Double Eagle Court and turns right.
  14. At house #2221, path goes left.
  15. After house #2193, turn right on path into the woods.
  16. Take a left at "Y".
  17. Stay on Main path. Pond will be on the right.
  18. Cross little street to stay on path to the right of the mail boxes.
  19. Cross Greenskeeper Court to continue on asphalt path.
  20. Go straight on Main path. Go right, avoiding tunnel.
  21. Head right at triangle up to golf course.
  22. Stay straight to cross over another asphalt golf path in order to go through the group of oak trees.
  23. Go counter-clockwise around golf hole #1. There's a flag on left, post on right.
  24. Cross creek & head uphill towards town houses.
  25. Once at CREST of hill, go right on the STREET's (Golf Course Dr.) sidewalk.
  26. Stay on sidewalk. Cross street to take first left at street sign indicating houses #20[00-52]. Continue on sidewalk.
  27. Go up, then down steps. Turn right on walk at house #2040.
  28. After walking in front of row of townhouses #2117-2127, turn right when sidewalk meets asphalt path.


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Newbridge Pool 3 Mile Walk-Satellite

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