Tall Oaks Village Center (Rod Steele Memorial Course)

Wiehle Avenue and North Shore Drive

5 Mile Run

 5.0 miles

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  1. Start in parking lot to right of entrance to Village Center
  2. Cross parking lot to path which starts between midrise and town homes for about 3/4 mile
  3. Cross Becontree Lane to Uplands Pool [alternative start]
  4. Right on Ring Road at Uplands Pool on a loop of about 1/2 mile
  5. Right on North Shore Drive along path on left side, continuing on path for about 1/4 mile, passing under Becontree Lane
  6. Right on path to North Shore Drive for about 100 feet
  7. Left on sidewalk along North Shore Drive, crossing Wiehle Avenue on overpass
  8. Continue on North Shore Drive for about 1 1/2 miles [Water stop at first (east) entrance to Lake Anne Village Center parking lot (very hot days only)][alternative start]
  9. Left on Links Drive for about 1/4 mile to Golf Course Island Pool entrance
  10. Right through pool parking area, continuing on path downhill bearing left, for about 200 feet
  11. Cross North Shore Drive and continue on path under Wiehle Avenue for about another 100 yards
  12. NOTE: Due to construction, finish the Walk and Run Courses on Northshore to return to parking. Avoid the tunnel finish of the traditional courses. 


Rod Steele, who was killed in an accident, was an early leader in running programs in the 1970s before the formation of the Reston Runners.

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