Hunters Woods Village Center (HWVC) – 5 Mile Run

        Street Map                                                                            Measured: 5 Miles


  • Start in West end of the parking lottowardColts Neck Dr. heading to the Reston Community Center (RCC).
  • At the RCC, turn right through the townhouse parking lot to the path through the tunnel under Glade Dr.
  • Bear right on the path uphill to Colts Neck. Turn left on Colts Neck.
  • At the Hunters Woods Elementary School, turn left on Steeplechase.
  • At the path crossing, turn left and follow the path through the Glade.
  • At the Marker Post Y intersection, bear right (Mile1.25) and continue.
  • At the next Marker Post intersection bear right (Mile 1.5)
  • At the Marker Post 21 intersection, continue straight ahead crossing Sopstone Dr.
  • At the bridge intersection (Mile 2.46), turn left and follow the path up the hill to Hunting Horn Lane, then left up Acton Dr. to Glade Dr. Left on Glade.
  • At Quartermaster Lane, turn right down the hill to Spyglass Cove Lane to pick up the path on the right heading down towards Lake Audubon.
  • Turn left and then immeadiate right across the bridge to pick up the Snake Den Branch Trail. Turn left on the path. Bear left and the next Y and continue to the left.
  • Down through the tunnel under Soapstone Dr. Continue on the path till the intersection to the right down to the bridge crossing the stream, then left on the path keeping the stream to the left at intersections. 
  • Approaching HWVC, just before the tunnel under Colts Neck, take the path on the left up to the HWVC parking lot.

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