Course   : Reston Town Center (West)
Location: Fountain Square on Market St. off Reston Parkway (behind Hyatt Hotel) Distance: 5.0 Miles
Map: Under Construction


  1. Start east on Market Street for 1 block toward Reston Parkway from center of Fountain Square
  2. Right on Presidents Street for 1 block crossing Bluemont Way bearing left toward Reston Parkway
  3. Right on path along Bluemont Way for 2 blocks, continuing downhill for about 2 more blocks to the W&OD Trail
  4. Bear right onto the W&OD Trail for about 2 miles, crossing over Town Center Parkway, Fairfax County Parkway, and Herndon Parkway on bridges
  5. Cross Van Buren Street, cross Elden Street (Water fountain in front of old Herndon Town Hall), cross Spring Street, and cross Center Street on a bridge
  6. Reverse direction at Grace Street (first street after the bridge over Center Street), and return to Start on same course



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