Course   : Reston South Commuter Lot  
Location: Reston Parkway at Intersection with Fox Mill Road Distance: 9.7 Miles
Maps      : Street   / Satellite   


  1. Leave the parking lot by running east (away from Reston Parkway) on the path along the south border of the commuter parking lot
  2. Follow path into the woods turning right at first "T" intersection, then keep left at an immediate trial intersection.
  3. Right at trail intersection after about ½ mile, shortly after crossing wooden bridge
  4. Cross Steeplechase Drive (via the steps or the large under-road culverts)
  5. After about 0.1 miles, cross the wooden bridge and turn right onto the dirt trail.  (Dirt path parallels the Glade Trail.) 
  6. Cross over first paved path, keeping straight on dirt path.
  7. When you come to the next paved path, turn right, cross over the stream, turn left on the paved trail for about 1/4 mile. 
  8. At the next path intersection, turn left crossing the bridge back to the north side of the stream and turn right returning to the dirt path.
  9. Cross Soapstone Drive onto dirt path
  10. Keep left at several forks, but don’t take the full 90° left turn.
  11. After about ½ mile, the trail comes out onto pavement coming from the left and going straight ahead.  Follow it straight for about ¼ mile.  Turn right at the T (playground will be on your right) and then immediate left back onto the dirt path.
  12. When you come to a post-and-rail fence in front of you, turn right onto the paved section of the CCT. 
  13. Cross the bridge and turn left and continue for about ¼ mile.
  14. Turn right up the hill to Lawyers Rd. 
  15. Cross over Lawyer Rd. down short hill.
  16. Quick left then right into CCT system.  Follow CCT signs.
  17. Follow CCT signs to come out onto Vale Rd, where there will usually be water.
  18. Cross Vale.  CCT goes to the left parallel to Vale for less than ¼ then turns right into woods.
  19. Follow CCT until you’ve gone about 5 miles.
  20. Turn-around and re-trace path.


Only about 6 of the 11 miles are on dirt. You must run approximately 2 miles on pavement from this start before reaching dirt.

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Reston South Commuter Lot 10 Mile Trail Run-Street

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