Course   : South Lakes Village Center  
Location: South Lakes Drive at Twin Branches Road Distance: 5.0 Miles


  1. Start at the SLVC parking lot opposite Starbuck Coffee House at South Lakes Dr, one block east of Twin Branches Road.
  2. Head to the right out of the parking lot onto the pathway along Lake Thoreau.
  3. Turn left at the tee and proceed through the tunnel under South Lakes Drive.
  4. Turn left on the pathway behind the church then follow path around the edge of Lake Audubon.
  5. Go up the steps and proceed on Owl's Cove Lane.
  6. Turn left to the pathway and turn left again to the path along South Lakes Drive.
  7. Turn left on the pathway after Cedar Cove Lane.
  8. Turn left again on the pathway, cross the wooden bridge and turn right at the tee and proceed on the path to Glade Drive.
  9. Turn left on the path along Glade and turn on the first left on the on the path (before the soccer field).
  10. Proceed on the path all the way to Lake Audubon and then turn left and immediate right to cross the wooden bridge.
  11. At the tee turn left and proceed to the next tee and turn right again and proceed to the tunnel under South Lakes Drive.
  12. Proceed straight after the tunnel and veer right and then turn right on the path going north of the South Lakes High School track towards Seahawks.
  13. Continue on the path, cross a tunnel under Ridge Heights Road and turn left at the tee by Lake Thoreau.
  14. Continue on the path as it zigzags at some intersections until it intersects a south-north path after Ridge Height swimming pool.
  15. Turn right at the intersection to the new path and turn right again at the second intersection (about 1/4 of mile away) to a path leading to the golf course.
  16. Follow the new path as it crosses Purple Beech Drive and snakes through the golf course to Upper Lake Dr.
  17. At Upper Lake Drive turn left and then take an immediate right to catch the path again and follow the path through Lake Thoreau (Upper Lake) swimming pool parking lot, Sunrise Valley Drive, and Lakeport Way to South Lake Village Center to the steps by Lakeside Inn.
  18. At the steps turn left to the parking lot then proceed to the start area.



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