Course   : South Lakes High School  
Location: South Lakes Drive east of Soapstone Distance: 3.0 Miles
Maps      : Street     


  1. Start at upper parking lot on stadium side of the school.
  2. Take steps down to cement sidewalk. Follow sidewalk towards the tennis courts. Turn left going behind the stadium and down a steep hill into the woods.
  3. Bear left at bottom of hill.
  4. Bear left at raised manhole cover.
  5. Follow path through tunnel under South Lakes Drive.
  6. Bear right at fork after tunnel and right again at "T" intersection.
  7. Continue on main path which curves left going behind Reston Cleaners/Dominoes shopping center. Continue left on path along Soapstone.
  8. Turn right to go through Soapstone tunnel.
  9. Right at "T" intersection and right again at next intersection.
  10. Bear left at all path intersections eventually crossing creek. Continue to keep left! Cross bridges #33 and #34.
  11. After split rail fence on right (at RA marker and raised manhole cover), go straight. [Do not go left here unless you want to repeat loop beginning in the line above.]
  12. Take next left to go through tunnel under Soapstone.
  13. Left at intersection after Soapstone underpass.
  14. Right downhill behind Reston Cleaners (yellow cement building). Follow path, turning left at second cement trash can.
  15. Go through tunnel under South Lakes Drive.
  16. Turn right to follow asphalt path back to parking lot.



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