Instructions for Posting Race Results Generated by RunScore

  1. Login as a registered user (so you have editing privileges)
  2. Edit your profile (see user menu) and, if necessqry,set your personal editor to "TMEdit"
  3. Open and edit, as needed, the file to be posted (should be in *.txt format)
  4. Select and copy the file to be posted
  5. On your user menu (RR Homepage), select "Submit an Article"
  6. Enter a title (race name, date, and results form [e.g., 'Awards', 'Age Groups,' 'Finish Order', etc.])
  7. In the format drop-down window (showing "paragraph"), select "preformatted"
  8. Paste your copied text file directly into the main edit window (do not use the "paste" tool of the editor)
  9. Select the entire pasted-in report and change the font to "courier new"
  10. Scroll down and enter:
    • Section: "Race Info"
    • Category: "Race Results"
    • Author ID: (usually, the R/S processor and the web poster)
  11. Format the header, trying to match the format of other race results
  12. Click "Save" and you're done.
  13. Repeat for the other reports for that race.

If the above procedure does not consistently yeild formatted (fixed pitch) document, then insert the following after step 4) above:

4a. Paste the test results table into an open Word document with the format set to "preformatted" and the font set to Courier New. Copy the document that results and paste it into new article editor window, setting the format the formatted.

 (Updated 17 Mar 2013)


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