Weekend Run/Walks


A note on temporary coronavirus precautions

Some aspects of normal club operations (denoted in red text) have been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. For instance, currently, there are no formally-scheduled runs/walks, there is no water support, and there are no social events. These activities will return when health conditions permit. The club complies with the Commonwealth of Virginia, Fairfax County, and RRCA public health and safety policies.


We meet every Saturday morning at 8 AM at a parking lot at a school, shopping center, or pool in or near Reston. After introduction of new runners and walkers and brief announcements, everyone heads out at their own pace for either a 3-mile walk or a 5-mile run. The Saturday courses are usually marked by volunteers. On Sundays, we meet at 8:00 during the winter, spring and fall and at 7:00 AM during the summer for a 10-mile run, a 3-mile run/walk, or a 6- mile run/walk. We also include an option for longer runs on Sunday for those runners training for a fall marathon. Many, but not all, of the Sunday events include an option to run on trails.

The start locations and courses for our Saturday and Sunday run/walks are posted on our web page. Water is available at the start/finish on both Saturday and Sunday as well as in at least one location about midway on the Sunday course. After our weekend runs, those who wish to do so gather to eat, drink, and socialize at a location designated on the web page and usually announced at the start of the run/walk.

Our regularly scheduled run/walks include people of all ages and of all running and walking paces. Whatever your pace, it is likely that there will be others at the same pace, particularly when the weather is good and there is a larger group.


Weekday Run/Walks

If a weekday run fits your schedule better than our standard weekend runs, we also have smaller informal run/walks on weekdays, including Tuesday and Thursday evening runs on the W&OD trail and a Tuesday morning run from the Spectrum Center.  See the Website Calendar for schedule and details.


Best Foot Forward

Many of our events include a group we call “Best Foot Forward”, or more affectionately BFFs. This group is helpful for new or aspiring runners or anyone who would prefer a shorter course and a mix of running and walking.


Reston Runners has its own group on Meetup.com. Many of the runs mentioned are posted regularly on Meetup. Occasional ad hoc events are also posted on Meetup.com. To join, register at Meetup.com and join Reston Runners.



Reston Runners relies exclusively on volunteers to make all the events and activities successful. Water is provided, trails are marked, web pages are updated, eNews is sent, events are organized and executed, permits are requested, records are maintained, equipment and supplies are purchased, bills are paid. There is a lot to do and all are welcome to pitch in. Volunteering not only helps the club function but it provides an opportunity to meet people. Most volunteers agree that helping out is part of the fun of belonging to Reston Runners.



Our primary communication is via our website and our weekly eNews. The website, which is updated regularly, contains our schedule, including course maps, as well as information about all our activities. The eNews is sent out weekly to club members. Information is often provided in announcements at the beginning of each run/walk.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Mike McCord,


February 2021


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