Welcome to Reston Runners

Whether you’ve joined (or plan to join) to help achieve specific goals or to meet people or to have company during your runs and walks, you will find that Reston Runners meets your needs.  Our organization consists of people of all ages and skills who have in common an enjoyment of running, walking, and staying fit.  Our primary activities are our group Run/Walks.  We also have activities on holidays and special occasions as well as training programs, programs, and social events.    Plus we have social events during the year where people can get together and have a good time.  More information is provided below.  We encourage you to regularly check our web page at http://www.restonrunners.org/index.php where you’ll find information about our regular running/walking schedule and other activities and events. 

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact \ us, now or in the future, via email at the following addresses:

President  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Board of Directors: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Questions or Comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Weekly Runs and Walks

The club schedules regular runs and walks year-round on Saturdays, Sundays, and Thursday evenings.   

We meet every Saturday morning at 8 AM at an exotic location (that is, a parking lot at a school, shopping center, or pool) in or near Reston.  After introduction of new runners and walkers and brief announcements, everyone heads out at their own pace for either a 3-mile walk or a 5-mile run. The Saturday courses are usually marked by volunteers.   On most Saturday mornings, we have a group called Best Foot Forward for new runners.  They make sure no one gets left behind.   

On Sundays, we meet at 8:00 during the winter and at 7:00 AM during the summer for a 10-mile run, a 3-mile run/walk, or a 6-mile run/walk. 

The start location and course for our Saturday and Sunday runs are posted on the web page.   After our weekend runs, those who wish to do so gather to eat, drink, and socialize at a location designated on the web page and usually announced at the start of the run/walk. 

Thursday runs start outside the Potomac River Running store in Reston Town Center at 6:30 p.m..  The run consists of 25 minutes running out on the W&OD trail and then turning around, so that the faster runners go further but everyone runs for about 50 minutes.

In addition to our regular walks and runs, we offer opportunities for trail runs and extra miles for those training for fall or spring marathons or other races.

At all our events, runners and walkers are encouraged to introduce themselves to others running or walking at their pace. 

Weather conditions never keep us indoors!  Our course masters map out interesting running and walking routes throughout the trails, paths, and streets of Reston and nearby communities. 

Our volunteers make water available at the start/finish and the Sunday runs also have sports drink available at the start/finish and at least one additional point on the course.


Training and Programs

Several of our members are RRCA-certified running instructors.  These members, and others, volunteer their time for various program which Reston Runners sponsors.  Some of these programs have been institutionalized and are run every year.  Others vary from year to year; depending upon interest of both volunteers and participates.  Some of these programs incur costs and there is a fee for participation. 

RR programs are described on our web page and summarized as follows:  

  • Summer Speed Sessions (SSS), formerly known as the Interval Training Program, is a once a week evening program of track workouts during the summer.
  • Youth In Motion (YIM) is a once-a-week summer program for youth ages 3 – 14
  • Women’s Training Program is an eight-session program, conducted in the early spring, for women who want to begin a new exercise program or get back into exercising.
  • Women’s Distance Festival is a 5-K race for women of all ages.  Mother/daughter teams are encouraged
  • Marathon Training provides a training program and support for both new and experienced marathoners
  • 10K Training provides training and support for individuals training for races or approximately 10K
  • Trail Running is available for those who prefer rugged terrain
  • Runners Marathon of Reston is a certified full marathon and half marathon
  • JFK 50-Mile support is a program for both  those who wish to run in the annual 50-mile UltraMarathon and those who wish to volunteer to support the runners.
  • Airport Run is an annual event which starts at Reagan airport and runs back to Reston. (In the past, we’ve taken buses.  Next year, Metro might be an option?)


Our web site http://www.restonrunners.org/index.php is updated regularly to provide information on our programs. 

Events are also organized “informally” by groups of club members who simply arrange to meet each other at a set time and place and go for a run.  These groups can be as small as two or three people or as big as 20 or 30 people.  Because these activities are not formal, they often are not posted on the web site or made generally known.  Often, you can find out about them by listening to fellow runners.  For example, if you are interested in running on Thursday mornings, ask around and you might find a group that is meeting and running.  These informal groups often use social media tools to communicate activities.    


Other activities

The club conducts several formal social activities, such as breakfast after each weekend run, an annual summer picnic, and an annual club meeting. 

Reston Runners is often asked to provide support to community events, particularly athletic events.  For example, the club does not conduct its normal week-end run on the day of the Reston Triathlon because most of our members either participate in or volunteer to support that event. 

Reston Runners supports a Community Fund, which raises money for community causes, specifically providing scholarships to local high school students who have excelled in running.

Reston Runners conducts a program called “Finish Line Services” which provide equipment and people to time local races. 



Reston Runners relies exclusively on volunteers to make all the events and activities successful.  Water is provided, trails are marked, web pages are updated, eNews is sent, events are organized and executed, permits are requested, records are maintained, equipment and supplies are purchased, bills are paid.  There is a lot to do and all are welcome to pitch in.  Volunteering not only helps the club function but it provides an opportunity to meet people.  Most volunteers agree that helping out is part of the fun of belonging to Reston Runners.



Our primary communication is via our website and our eNews.  The website, which is updated almost daily, contains our schedule, including course maps, as well as information about all our activities.   eNews is sent out weekly to club members and those who subscribe via the web page.  Information is often also provided as announcements at the beginning of each  run/walk. 



Reston Runners is governed by an nine-member Board of Directors, elected annually by the members.  Our board members can be reached via email, which are available on our home page. https://www.restonrunners.com/index.php/menu1/board-and-officers


Although we don’t have a lot of rules, there are some guidelines that we ask people to adhere to. 

  • Please don’t use bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers, roller skates, or  in-line skates during a run/walk. 
  • Except for our biannual bring-your-pet event, please leave your pets at home. 
  • Although we understand  that some folks like to listen to music while running, we ask that you not use headphones as they can pose a danger.   


Don’t ever hesitate to contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any of the others, as noted above, with any questions, comments or concerns. Thanks for joining and we look forward to seeing you on the roads and trails.

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