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In 2012, Reston Runners created the Reston Runners Community Fund (RRCF). First, it's a financial entity with its own revenue sources independent of the Club's general revenue. The Club established the RRCF to continue our general outreach efforts and to comply with the directive of our constitution and bylaws that direct us to engage in educational and philanthropic programs. The RRCF is an IRS recognized tax-exempt 501 (c)3 organization, meaning that donations to the fund can be considered as charitable contributions for the donors' income tax purposes.




If you would prefer to donate by check, make it to Reston Runners Community Fund and send it to Reston Runners P.O. Box 2924 Reston, VA 20195 

2014 RRCF Annual Scholarships    

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2014 Scholarship Winners: Delana Sobhani and Phillip Warner with Mary Shedlock and Mike Mackert

Springtime and high school graduations are a very important time for the Reston Runners Community Fund. It’s the time when 4 deserving high school seniors from Herndon and South Lakes High Schools (1 boy and 1 girl from each school) are awarded $1000 scholarships. The requirement is that they are accomplished students on and off the track on their respective cross country and track teams. The winners are chosen by their respective coaching staffs.

RRCF was created to give back to our greater Reston community. It is a great way to engage our running community with our community at large. We are engaged in other worthwhile charitable endeavors as well.   

2012 RRCF Awards First Scholarships

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Photo: Brian Kent


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