WTP 2017 Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Program is for women who are starting or restarting an exercise program.  With FS, you will enjoy (actually enjoy!) outdoor exercise in the company of other women who share your goals.

The FS workouts are gentle yet challenging.  You will develop good walking form and increase your walking stamina.  You also will built upper body strength.  And, if you’re interested, you will be introduced to walk/running.  At the end of the 8-week FS program, you will be more than ready to walk or walk/run an energetic 5K on June 17 at the annual Women’s 5K in Reston. 

Walking on Mondays:

Monday evening workouts include walks that start at approximately one mile and work up to 3 miles.  Coaches will demonstrate good walking form and be with you each week as you  progress. 

The Monday walks increase from 20 minutes (Week 1) to 60 minutes (Week 8).  (Based on experience with the 2016 FS program, many FSers walk at approximately a 20-21 minute/mile pace.)

       Week     Time

            1          20       

            2          25 (35 for ‘Fresher’ Starters)

            3          Endless Relay (Lots of Fun!)

            4          35 (45)

            5          45 (55*)

            6          55* (60*)

            7          55* (60*)

            8          60*

                        *if time is available. There may be times when workout start times are delayed. 

Some FS participants may decide to do shorter workouts and turn at an earlier time.  A coach will join those doing a shorter workout.

Strength Training:

FSers are introduced to four core upper body exercises -- arm circles, wall/countertop pushups, arm curls, and tricep kickbacks.  During the Week 1 - 3 workouts, coaches and FSers will begin the Monday workouts with a combination of these exercises.  As the walking workouts require more time in Weeks 4 - 8, FS may not include group strength training.  But you will continue doing the strength exercises during your own workouts. 

FS Weekly Walking and Strength Training Workouts:

The suggested weekly FS walking and strength training workouts are described in the Weekly Workout section.  These workouts build on the Monday workout and prepare you for the following Monday.

Introduction to Walk/Run:

Coaches work with FS participants who are interested in walk/run. 


Stretching is an important part of every workout.  Coaches lead stretches before and after each Monday workout.  FSers perform these same stretches before and after their own workouts during the week.

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