April 24 Welcome to the Women's Training Program! We will review program specifics, introduce coaches, etc. Shoes: The only mandatory equipment for walking and running fitness. Rachel Eisenfeld, Owner of Soleful Orthotic Solutions, will talk about our feet, types of shoes and inserts and how to get the best shoe for you. Timed mile for BR and ABR.
May 1 Running and Walking Technique. Shannon Scalan, Manager of Potomac River Running will demonstrate proper technique to help you become stronger and more efficient before you hit the trails.
May 8 Strength Training for Runners and Walkers. Courtney Diep, Performance Manager with TeamEXOS, will lead us through exercises to strengthen our core, leading to fewer injuries, better form and improved fitness.
May 15 I once was in your shoes (but they were a different size), Lani Newcomb will be here to share her entertaining story of going from no fitness to crazy-fun endurance events. You won't want to miss her stories.
May 22 Injury Prevention. Jaclyn Polk, Physical Therapist and Running Coach, will discuss common running and walking injuries, how to prevent them and how to treat them if they occur. 
May 29

Meet at YMCA: We will meet in the pavilion behind the YMCA. Our coaches will share race tips and we'll discuss and practice trail safety and etiquette.

June 5

Meet at Hughes Middle School: Kristin DiDomenico, personal trainer and running coach, will discuss how to make the most of your workouts through better nutrition. 

June 12

Cross Training

Timed mile for ABR.

June 23 Reston Runners "Seize the Day" Women's 5k!
June 25 WTP Celebration Dinner
Join us at the Reston Community Center to celebrate your success at the WDF and the end of another great year. Find a summer running buddy, plan your next race or share ideas on staying fit! Great food, recognition and awards - don't miss it!
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