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Hope everyone had a great Independence Day!  
We look forward to seeing some of you wear your TOTALLY AWESOME YIM technical shirts out there for some running fun tomorrow evening!
Thanks to again to our parents for getting kids early to the session so that they could get a few warm up laps done!   

 "LUCKY 13"

Hopefully you have been able to get some runs or walks in this past week!  Make sure you log your hard work in our YIM Kids Lucky 13 Running Log!

Remember, you can do it!  Break it down into small steps - just 1.5miles a week will get you there!  Jog around your neighborhood, at your local school track (always open to the public), or on safe paths/streets while on summer vacation spots.  Take an after-dinner walk with the family for half and hour!  


Remember our cheer to keep you motivated!

"This Summer!"
 "I become a runner"
 "This Summer!"
 "I become a runner"
"Oh yea"
"Uh huh"
 "Ya ‘gonna see smiles"
 "‘Cause I’m running 13 miles!"
 "Go Lucky 13!"


Please share your experiences/photos on our YIM Facebook Page!  We want to hear how you're doing throughout the week!

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Be cool!  Speak the "Runners Language"!  
Running Log:  this is what cool YIMsters use to keep a record of their training and progress to help keep them motivated towards a goal!  
Mile:  a mile is officially 1,609 meters...or, about 4 laps around the track!
Pace:  this is how fast you are running.  It usually is given you in the number of minutes and seconds it takes to run a mile.  For example, if you run a mile in 10 minutes and 30 seconds, your pace would be a 10'30"/mile or "10min30sec per mile"!
PR:  this stands for "Personal Record" - it's your personal best time for a certain race distance!  Get out there and make some of your own PR's now!
Warm-Up:  this is the nice and easy jog you do before your run or race to get all your muscles warmed up and prevent injury!
Cool-Down:  after you are done with your run or race, you do a nice and easy jog or walk to help your muscles "cool down" or recover.
Sprint:  these are short and fast runs; so run on your forefoot and toes to push off, pump those arms and lift those knees!
Fartlek:  stop giggling.  It's not what you think it is.  It's actually a Swedish word for "speedplay".  It's a run that mixes some fast running spurts within an easy run!
Endurance:  this describes your ability to run a long time.  If you have "good endurance", it means you can keep running fairly easily for a long time!
Cross-Train:  these are activities such as biking, swimming, etc. that are used by runners to keep building their endurance during the times they are not running!
Intensity/Effort:  this describes how much energy you are exerting into your run.  If someone says to run at maximum effort, then you should give it 110%!
5K:  3.1 miles.  You'll find a lot of 5K races on the weekends.  When you feel like you have built up your endurance to a good level, go ahead and run a 5K - it's exciting!
10K:  6.2 miles.  You'll find some 10K races on the weekends.  When you feel like you have built up your endurance to a really great level, go ahead and run a 10K - it's a big challenge!
Half Marathon:  13.1 miles.  It's called a "Half" marathon because a Marathon is 26.2 miles.  Yup, YIMsters, you will be completing a "Half Marathon" by the end of this summer's session.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!



The human body is 60-70% water. You lose water when you sweat from running, so make sure you are drinking lots to replenish what you are losing. Six to eight glasses per day are recommended. A good way to tell if you are drinking enough?? Your pee (Yikes! We said "pee"!) should be clear. 

Carbohydrates = Energy 
Complex Carbohydrates - most of your carbohydrate calories should come from this type. Complex carbs provide more consistent, long-term energy. Some examples of complex carbs are, cereal, pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables & wheat bread. Eat your veggies! AND no cutting the crusts off your bread and stashing them behind your refrigerator or feeding them to your cat! 

Simple Carbohydrates - This type of carbohydrates provide you with a quick shot of energy, but it is only temporary. Some examples are candy, soda & fruit. Of course you should eat your fruit, but don't eat too much candy, pop or sweets!! 

Protein helps your body grow stronger by building your muscles and tendons. Ten - 20% of your of your daily calories should come from protein. Some examples of proteins are meat, eggs, beans & nuts. 

Sports Drinks 
Here's the deal...sports drinks taste great and help replenish electrolytes that you lose when you sweat, but they are also loaded with sugar. Drink in moderation and try mixing with water so you get more liquid without all the sugar. 

Always eat it!! Oatmeal, cereal, fresh fruit and mile are excellent choices! 

Healthy and Tasty Snacks 
When you start exercising you will start to crave healthier snacks! Why not try: 
Apple slices with peanut butter
Smoothie - Milk & fruit in a blender = yummy! 
Chocolate Milk 
Yogurt with fruit and granola 
Bananas on wheat bread - mas a banana on a piece of wheat toast and sprinkle with just a tiny bit of sugar

We'd like to thank our sources for this information: 
www.howtobefit.comrunning-nutrition.htm and www.kidsrunning.com


YIM follows the "Leave No Trace" policy!  Please make sure your child has picked up his/her water bottle and any trash they may have left before leaving the training area.  


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If you were unable to make last week's session and did not pick up your program gift, please see either Mij or Virginia at the YIM table!
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