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Unfortunately, we had to cancel our last session due to thunder and lightning.  Although the storm was a quick one, we must always keep the safety of ALL our participants in mind. 
Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative for Session #4 this Sunday evening!

Did you get some runs/walks in this week?!  We hope the answer is an enthusiastic "YES!"


Make sure you log your hard work in our YIM Kids Lucky 13 Running Log!


Remember, you can do it!  Break it down into small steps - just 1.5miles a week will get you there!  Jog around your neighborhood, at your local school track (always open to the public), or on safe paths/streets while on summer vacation spots.  Take an after-dinner walk with the family for half and hour!    


Please share your experiences/photos on our YIM Facebook Page!  We want to hear how you're doing throughout the week!


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Gear Guidelines (from


Running might require less gear than other sports, but it is still vitally important to get the right equipment to minimize the stresses it puts on your body. Anyone who has ever run in the wrong shoes can tell you what a painful experience it can be, and anyone who has run in the wrong socks probably has blisters to prove it.


Here are a few tips to make sure you get the right footwear before you start running:



Before you buy a pair of running sneakers, know what sort of foot you have. Are your feet wide or narrow? Do you have flat feet? High arches? Different feet need different sneakers to provide maximum support and comfort. If you don't know what sort of foot you have or what kind of sneaker will work best for you, consult a trained professional at a running specialty store.


All running shoes should provide good support, starting with a thick, shock-absorbing sole. Runners with flat feet should choose shoes that advertise "motion control" or "stability." Runners with high-arched feet should look for shoes that describe themselves as "flexible" or "cushioned."


Getting shoes that fit correctly is more important in running than in virtually any other sport. As you rack up the miles, any hot spots or discomfort will become magnified and lead to blisters and stress-related leg problems.


If you plan on running on trails or in bad weather, you'll need trail-running shoes with extra traction, stability, and durability. Whichever type of shoes you end up purchasing, make sure they are laced up snugly but not so tight that they cause discomfort.



Running socks come in a variety of materials, thicknesses, and sizes. The most important factor is material. Stay away from socks made from 100% cotton. When cotton gets wet, it stays wet, leading to blisters in the summer and cold feet in the winter. Instead, choose socks made from wool or synthetic materials such as polyester and acrylic.


Some runners like thicker socks for extra cushioning while others prefer thin socks, particularly in warm weather. Make sure you wear the socks you plan to wear when running while you try on sneakers to ensure a proper fit.


YIM PRRlogoLuckily for us, our good friends over at "Potomac River Running" will be out during our next session to help with any questions about proper running shoes and will gladly fit you for the best shoe for you! 
So, you're running a lot in this heat and humidity lately and chugging that store-bought sports drink to make sure you stay hydrated and replenish those electrolytes...but, you think to yourself, there's gotta be a healthier version of this sports drink that doesn't have all that yucky high-fructose corn syrup or artificial dyes or other odd and unnecessary ingredients.  Well, you're right!  Here are some recipes for sports drinks you can make at home - the best thing is you can make it any flavor you want!  So, go to your kitchen, YIMsters!  Get creative!
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Here are some other sports drink recipe links:


YIM follows the "Leave No Trace" policy!  Please make sure your child has picked up his/her water bottle and any trash they may have left before leaving the training area.  


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If you have not picked up your program gift yet, please see either Mij or Virginia at the YIM table!


Next week (July 21), we will hold our first set of time trials.  Depending on the age group, participants will be running 100 meters to 1600 meters (1 mile or 4 laps around the track) and will be timed by an electric clock.  These time trials are purely for the benefit of our participants to see how fast they are able to run a certain distance.  There will be another time trial on August 18 (Week 9 - our last session at HHS; Week 10 is our End of Season Race & Party at Lake Fairfax Pavilion).  Participants will try to achieve the same time or faster time in the second time trial.  All of our runners will receive a ribbon!  


Please click HERE to view YIM Policies (weather, discipline, etc).
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