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Whew! This week has been a scorcher; but hopefully some of you were able to get some running/walking in as part of our "Lucky 13" Challenge!
Make sure you log your hard work in our YIM Kids Lucky 13 Running Log!
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YIM is an entirely NON-PROFIT and NON-COMPETITIVE running program. YIM was originally started by Reston Runners as a way to get the kids in our community out there exercising. Our primary mission is to introduce our youth to the joy of running in a fun atmosphere to help them maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.
ALL of your registration fee goes towards the field permit fees, program gift, equipment, icy pops and end of season party food and supplies. ALL of the coaches and directors are VOLUNTEERS who devote their valuable time and effort. Next time you see one of our coaches, go ahead and give them a pat on the back - we have A LOT of young kids and the job can be challenging; so, our coaches are truly the backbone of our wonderfully successful program.



Tomorrow we will have our first set of our FUN TIME TRIALS! All of our participants will receive a ribbon!

For the first half of the session:
4-5 year olds will run from the end zone to the 50 yard line and back for their time trial.
6-7 year olds will do a full lap around the track (400m).
For the second half of the session:
8-9 year olds will group on one side of the field (the far side) to run 2 laps around the track (800m or 1/2mile).
10-13 year olds will group on the same side they usually train on and run 4 laps around the track (1600m or 1 mile).
1. Please make sure your child makes a legible nametag so that coaches can record time matched to name.
2. We really need the parents TO STAY OFF THE TRACK so that all our participants can do their best without having to worry about colliding with someone! Also, we will have race time clocks set up on the track and need the area as clear as possible so participants and coaches can record times properly.
Thanks for your cooperation!

There will be another time trial on August 18 (Week 9 - our last session at HHS; Week 10 is our End of Season Race & Party at Lake Fairfax Pavilion). Participants will try to achieve the same time or faster time in the second time trial.


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Never underestimate the power of a cheering section!

Parents, encourage your children to "cheer their peers"! Don’t forget to cheer on all our participants during time trials encouraging them to do their best! Encourage all the kids, too, to cheer on their peers to build camaraderie, supporting each other and reinforcing the joy of running. We have found in past years that the children really enjoy having fans!

“You’re doing great!”, “Keep it up, you’re looking strong!”, “YAAAAYYY!!!” Anything works!


YIM PRRlogoOur good friends over at "Potomac River Running" will be out during our next session to help with any questions about proper running shoes and will gladly fit you for the best shoe for you!
Make tracking children's healthy goals fun with the "Daily Food Groups" tracking sheet from Just color the foods when a food group is eaten.
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Please click HERE to view YIM Policies (weather, discipline, etc).
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