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 Our 2nd Annual "YIM Kids Fun Run & Party" will be held on our last session date:  August 25th at 9:30am!  More details on this super fun event will be in our next newsletter!  Just a heads up - we'll need a whole lot of volunteers to carry this off; so we will be sending out a link in our next newsletter and on our Facebook page to our YIM Kids Fun Run & Party Volunteer Sign Up.
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Ever wonder what really happens inside your body to make you sweat? Picture this...when your temperature rises, tiny blood vessels close to your skin open up. This allows your blood to carry the heat in your body away from your hard-working muscles to get closer to the skin. Then, water (sweat) escapes through your sweat glands and onto your skin. When air blows over your wet skin, the sweat evaporates (dries up) and cools your body down. But, on really hot, humid days, there is so much moisture in the air that it can't absorb the sweat from your body. So, to keep your body cool, drink plenty of water, use a fan, or take a dip in the pool.

Drinking water before, during, and after physical activity is one way to keep your body's air conditioner working. Keep these tips in mind to help your body stay cool:

  • Top off your tank a few hours before you hit the court, the field, or your own backyard by drinking about two cups of cold water.
  • Eating fruit and other cool snacks is another way to keep your body cool! Pack peaches, oranges, watermelon, and grapes in your cooler — they taste great and re-hydrate!

Carbohydrates (carbs) are a great way to power up your run.  Just like a car without gas, our bodies can’t keep moving without carbs.  Ever heard of carbo loading?  Eating a meal of spaghetti the night before a race or a big game to give you lots of energy?  There is real truth behind this idea, but let’s aim for the highest quality and most nutrient filled carbs from whole grains.

A simple switch from white or wheat bread to 100% whole wheat bread, from white pasta to brown rice or quinoa, or from cereal to oatmeal will give your body lots fuel to burn while you are running.  You will be able to run faster and longer by giving yourself a whole grain carbohydrate.

YIMYums Power Boost: Pick one new high quality, nutrient dense carb to try this week and see how it makes you feel!  

Try this Yogurt Parfait for your next healthy dessert!

Yogurt Parfait Ingredients:
2 cups chunked canned pineapple 
1 cup frozen raspberries 
3 cups vanilla yogurt 
1 medium peeled and sliced banana 
1/3 cup chopped dates 
1/4 cup slice toasted almonds
Add the pineapple, raspberries, dates, bananas and yogurt in layers to a tall glass or sundae dish. Sprinkle almonds all over the top. Makes 4 servings.
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