EDWARD CACCIAPAGLIA - Read his inspiring obituary
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We were all saddened by the loss on April 2, 2019 of a friend, inspirational runner, and great human being, Edward Cacciapaglia.

May we carry forward his memory, like that of Tim, as a continuing inspiration not only in our running but in our lives as well. Read just one example of Ed's Ultra Marathon race experiences HERE.

By John K Nusbaum 2019
Dedicated to the memory of Ed Cacciapaglia
   The sand in an hourglass begins to fall at the time of our birth
The first step in our journey toward lives of meaning and worth
How slowly time appears to pass in our youth; some dates seem they’ll never arrive
We long for the perks of being older; like when we can learn to drive
As young adults, the time arrives for us to put what we have learned to work for pay
 We search for livelihoods that might go the distance, and hair that’s turning gray
   People come and go in our lives and some we view as friends
Separating the sheep from the goats is not easy when you are young, but time is a stronger lens
While we are young the demands of time may seem to be few
Perhaps our paths and that of someone special will cross; thus life’s memories will be shared by two
 Time delivers failures and disappointments over the years, and from them, we can learn to cope
We find that many situations have solutions but beyond that, there is always hope
The day may come when the falling sand whispers that our time may not be much more
  But life is precious and worth engaging in battles, even when we can’t win the war
In the end, we learn that once an innocent friend; time has become a ruthless foe
For in what seems the blink of an eye, a life has been lived; uniquely planned for all that we know
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