Advanced Beginner Running

The Advanced Beginner Running Group is designed for women who generally run between a 9 minute and 11 minute per mile pace.  These women also have the desire to learn how to train their bodies to perform at a faster pace for a longer period of time.  The workouts incorporate speedplay (intervals of fast running, with brief rests in between) into our group runs.  "Homework" includes the gradual increase of total weekly mileage and tempo (comfortably hard pace) running. 

Each weeks training consists of one speed workout (usually done at the Women’s Training Program), one Tempo run, one long run, one to two easy runs, two to three cross-training/rest days.  Here’s what it all means:

Tempo Running (T) – Controlled, faster than normal pace.  Not as fast as race pace.  It should feel “comfortably hard”.  Always begin and end a tempo run with an easy run or jog.

Easy pace (EP) – Comfortable, conversational pace

Warm-up (WU) – Easy run or jog at the beginning of a workout to warm up the muscles.

Cool-down (CD) – Easy run or jog at the end of a workout to slowly reduce your heart-rate back to normal.

Cross-Training (CT) - Any activity that gives your joints and running muscles a break. Biking, Swimming, elliptical trainer, brisk walking, etc. qualifies.

Long run (LR) – The long run helps develop endurance.  Your pace should be slightly slower than your everyday training pace.

Rest – Self-explanatory

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