Race Etiquette:

Read and follow the rules of the race. Many courses don’t allow dogs, strollers, or headphones.

Preregister – it helps keep race day moving smoothly.

Arrive early to ease parking congestion and help keep things on schedule.

When you visit the restrooms, please keep them clean.

Line up according to how fast you run or walk. If you are an elite runner, step to the front of the line. Walkers and slower runners should stay toward the back. In chipped races, it doesn’t matter where you start.

Pay attention to pre-race instructions. Sometimes things change at the last minute.

Don’t drop items on the course. If you need to remove shirts, gloves, etc. throw them well off the running lanes.

Move to the right when someone behind you says “passing left”.

Technology and biology fixes – move off the course! Don’t impede traffic. If you need to tie your shoes, talk to a volunteer, hug your sig other, step off the course to the right.

Pay attention! Stay in the racing lanes especially on roads and watch for traffic.

Don’t stop in front of the water stations. Grab a cup and move on. Toss the cup off the course to the right.

Keep going past the finish line and move away so other finishers can move through.

Make a plan to meet your family away from the finish line.

Thank all volunteers – the police officers, the water station attendants, the folks at packet pick-up, the food station attendants.

Volunteer for a race!

Seize the Day Women's 5k Race Prep:

Practice morning running or walking.

Pick up your race packet on Friday if possible.

Put out your clothes the night before. Don’t wear anything new.

Wear your program shirt.

Pin your bib on the front, but not through the bottom holes. Write you name on it if you want personalized cheering along the way.

Don’t eat anything you haven’t tried before that morning or in the day or two prior to the race.

Hydrate consistently throughout the week.

Arrive at our meeting place at 7:30. Photo at 7:40.

Use the bathroom. Then use it again.

Remember to go out slow. Your adrenaline will be pumping and you’ll want to speed up. Don’t do it. You’ll burn out quickly. Save your energy for the second half of the race.

Remember to enjoy yourself. You can do this!

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