If you have been walking, but can run for 30 seconds, and want to pick up your pace and/or build your endurance, the Run/Walk group is a good fit for you. Exercising in walk/run intervals can help you build both endurance and speed, while reducing the chance of injury. 

Our A Group usually goes out at a bit faster pace and increases the run portion more quickly, and our B group takes a slower pace and increases the running portion more gradually. You are free to move between the groups depending how you are feeling each night. We also have a sweeper, who will ensure that everyone makes it back to the school.

If you are looking for additional run/walk workouts, the Reston Runners BFF group (best foot forward) is a run/walk group that meets on Saturday mornings. We usually do a 2 minute walk/4 minute run interval, but can adjust as needed. You will see lots of WTP coaches there, and we will ensure you have someone to run with. We also have run/walk coaches at the fun runs on Tuesday and Thursday nights at OneLife Fitness at Isaac Newton Square.  Please join us!

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