The Walking Group is designed for women who like to walk and don't want to run.  Walking is a great way to begin an exercise or fitness program and is terrific exercise for all ages.  Our workouts are designed to show that walking can be fun and then ease you into walking faster and farther so that it will become a beneficial exercise without overstressing your joints and limbs.

Warm-ups for Walkers:

Do 4 repetitions of each warm-up exercise.

1. Shoulder rolls forward.
2. Shoulder rolls backward.
3. Spine rotation (right and left counts as one repetition).
4. Leg swings or figure 8's (4 with one leg then 4 with the other)
5. Ankle circles, both directions, both ankles, one at a time.
6. Lift knee to opposite elbow and lift other knee to opposite elbow for one repetition. Repeat 4 times on each side.

Walkers should always begin the workout at a comfortable pace to continue their warm-up and gradually increase their speed until they are truly working out. They should be able to carry on a conversation although they may find they need to pause while walking uphill. Anyone struggling to complete a sentence is going too fast.


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