INCLEMENT WEATHER: Track sessions will be held rain or shine. However, we will not meet if there is lightning or if the temperature is over 100 degrees at 6:30 p.m. Parents of the participants make their own judgment call when the weather is questionable. If lightning occurs in the middle of the session, we will cancel the program for that evening. A cancellation during a session will be signaled using our sport horn. We do NOT take chances with lightning in the area AT ALL. Please view this article for more information: Debunked: 5 Lightning Myths That Could Kill You Our participants’ safety is our highest priority. This is why it is essential that parents DO NOT DROP OFF AND LEAVE their children. When a session is canceled due to lightning, EVERYONE must leave the area immediately. We will not update the website unless it is clear early on that conditions make it impossible to hold a session; however, we will send out an email notification as soon as possible to notify participants that a session has been canceled.


ACCIDENTS/INJURIES: If a participant seems to be in minor distress or needs first aid, a coach may take him/her to the YIM table for first aid. We will inform the parent (if parent was not present or not aware of minor accident/injury). We have a first aid kit at the YIM table as well as ice and water. An Accident/Injury Report Form will be completed to document the incident. If a participant has a serious accident/injury/emergency, 911 should immediately be called by coach/parent/age group leader/co-director. Notify the parents, the age group leader and directors immediately (if not already notified). If unconscious, check for breathing and pulse. If not breathing, provide CPR (Virginia Pons is our CPR certified director). If a back injury is possible, do not move the participant. Other coaches should supervise the rest of the participants and keep them calm and occupied and away from the serious accident area. An Accident/Injury Report Form will be completed to document the incident.

The older age groups (10+yrs) will sometimes run on trails outside the high school area. One coach will have a walkie-talkie in case of emergency. Either Virginia/Mij will have the other walkie-talkie at the YIM table.


DISCIPLINE/BEHAVIOR ISSUES: YIM encourages a very positive atmosphere for fun, non-competitive athletic training for all our participants. Parents, please help all our volunteer coaches by establishing good and positive behavior expectations on the very first day to set the tone. If a child’s unruly behavior is unsafe for him/her (or with other participants), or disrupts training to a point where training has to halt because of that child’s unruly behavior, coaches may issue a verbal warning to the child in a firm tone emphasizing that we expect positive energy during training. If the unruly behavior continues, we will consider asking the child to sit out training for a couple minutes on the sideline. If the issue still persists, issue will be brought to the age group leader or to one of the directors and parents will need to be involved in resolving the issue.


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